Custom consulting approach
Assess goals and vision
Engage decision makers
Complete disclosure
Support services

Ascent Retirement Plans

Experience is key, but it’s what you do with it that matters.

We use our years of experience to develop a custom consulting approach to your company’s retirement plan needs. We spend the time and effort it takes to assess your organization’s unique footprint and goals. Next comes a plan framework, with easy-to-grasp options. In this manner decision makers are fully engaged in the process of vetting and fine-tuning the final plan. It’s a collaboration designed to be as informative and empowering as possible.

As with our individual plans, we always put clients first, and avoid cookie-cutter or one-size fits all solutions. This all comes with complete disclosure and transparency every step of the way.

We operate as a 3(38) Fiduciary to help shield plan sponsors from unwanted risk.

Be sure to talk to us about our comprehensive program of human resource support, maintenance and progress reviews, along with a host of education services.